About Sakti Naturals


The team of Sakti Naturals is committed to meet the nutritional demand for well being of human and animals by their scientifically proven natural composites. The research team of Sakti Naturals believes that the integrity of any products highly relies upon the consistency in quality. The consistency in quality is achieved by adopting a stringent quality control and assurance measures starting from raw materials to finished products.


To become the global leader in human and animal healthcare by providing scientifically validated, standardized quality supplements.


Sakti Naturals, with its expertise on natural products, focuses on expanding its service not only at home but also world wide.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance in Sakti Naturals starts from the authentication of herbs for the selection of the each raw material which are utilized for the manufacturing any nutrition supplements; optimum validated processing conditions e.g. drying, mixing, packings, as per the GMP norms. Thus, following the quality assurance at each process through stringent Quality control measures is the prime concern of Sakti Naturals. A well qualified Scientific Team, with an experience of 15-30 years in the field of Pharmaceutical R&D and, Ayurvedic Industry, Agricultural industry, in India and Abroad is persistently working to assure the quality of Sakti Naturals products.

Quality Control

In Sakti Naturals, the process of quality control starts from sorting out the genuine sources of raw materials and so on till finished products. Our products are subjected to stringent quality control testing, as per the specification. In Process Quality control and finished product quality control are strictly followed to assure the quality parameters e.g. optimum bioactive contents, batch to batch consistency, microbial counts (low non-pathogenic counts, absence of pathogens), low heavy metal contents, of the Sakti Naturals products. Raw material and finished product specifications are based on the Phamacopeial (IP, USP, EP), US-FDA and WHO-GMP standards.