Sakti Naturals Private Limited is a research oriented and scientifically driven agro-based natural product industry located in a green environment away from heavy traffic and pollution.

The vision of the Sakti Naturals is to become a leading company in the field of Nutraceuticals by catering the high quality processed herbal ingredients, dietary ingredients, preserving the inherent natural integrity of bioactives, by organic farming, greener high-tech processing and R&D activities.

Sakti Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is based on a dedicated Scientific Team, which has an experience of 30 years in the Field of Agricultural, Ayurveda, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biological, Pharmacological & Toxicological, Microbiological, Chemical Engineering and Marketing Sciences.
Our ancient practitioners of Ayurveda, Saints and Ayurvedacharyas, used to grow the medicinal herbs in their garden and compound them as a fresh herb, paste, decoction to the patients without altering their natural composition of bioactives. This practice of dispensing the garden fresh medicinal herb preparations to the patients, in those days, yielded best results in curing the ailments. Over the period

of years of development, with the advanced processing techniques and commercialization, the original Ayurvedic practice of dispensing the garden fresh medicinal herb preparations has been lost and natural milieu of bioactives is being greatly compromised in the processed extracts prepared using advanced technology, thereby yielding the inconsistent results.

Sakti Naturals core competency and main focuses are to deliver the scientifically standardized, validated, processed herbal extracts and formulations (capsules, tablets, syrups, powders, cream, ointments, oils, oral liquids) with the preserved original natural spectrum of bioactives, which will simulate the ancient Ayurvedic dispensing practice, to various sectors like nutraceutical, cosmaceutical, food and veterinary feed and agro industries by its R&D, QA and QC activities.

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