We can provide services such as third party manufacturing for Herbal extract and Spray Drying

Our Services

Extraction Facility

The extraction process facility is designed according to the WHO-GMP and US-FDA norms.
The plant is designed in such a way that maximum efficiency of extraction is obtainable at minimum treatment.

Minimum treatment of the plant materials with a softer technology result in better quality extract in which the natural integrity of spectrum of bioactives the fresh herb is preserved.

Concentration Facility

Falling Film evaporator with the state of art Technology
is installed which operates at high vacuum and low
temperature to achieve the best quality products.

Drying Facility

The facility has got a vacuum drier and spray drier.

Rotary vacuum drier: - Which operates at high vacuum and low temperature to maintain the high quality

Spray drier: - State of art dryer with a rotary disc atomizer to convert the thermo-labile liquids in to spray dried powders.

Water treatment system

Facility is equipped with the state of art R-O- water treatment plant in tandem with Mixed Bed Resin plant to deliver the High-quality water used for processes.

Contract processing

⇨ Conversion of liquid dietary supplements (Flavors, Vegetable juices, Fruit juices) to spray dried powders.

⇨ Extraction of herbs and conversion in spray vacuum dried extracts.

⇨ Processing of herbs into syrup forms.